Fashion freedom: Menswear as womenswear, and vice versa


Androgynous fashion has burst onto the scene

From the depths of sustainability and LGBTQ acceptance, we have been blessed with a wave of unisex clothing, but this isn’t a new trend.

Modern androgynous styling has been championed since the early 20th century, with celebrity icons spurring on the movement of blurring the line between what men and women “should” wear.

Menswear as Womenswear, and vice versa. Inclusive clothing sizes are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the movement towards a style that lacks gender-specific tailoring, unstructured silhouettes, and blurred boundaries.

Beyond stereotypes

Feeling comfortable and confident in an outfit is one of the highest-ranking desires when everything is boiled down. Androgynous fashion embraces this mantra and discards everything else. It’s not masculine or feminine; it can one, or the other, or both. There’s no inherent truth behind why a woman should prefer one colour over another or skirts over suit trousers, so why do we limit our choices?

The 90s brought this back in a big way – especially in the grunge sphere of styling. You can still sport this vintage vibe today, in a branded skate-shirts or king-size sweatshirt with graphic prints. It’s entirely possible to be androgynous and still reference your favourite fashion era as you do so.

There are no guidelines to follow, no scales to be tipped one way or the other.

If you don’t feel authentic in a certain style of clothing; if it feels unnatural or disingenuous to your identity, then throw out those stereotypical gender expectations and slip into something more You. Remember: Androgyny is not (exclusively) an expression for sexual orientation.

There will always be initial anxiety about unconventionally presenting ourselves, subverting the norms can be a radical act... if not simply playing around with your wardrobe. Whatever your reason, genderless clothing is intrinsically non-discriminative and versatile.

androgynous clothing

The details

Sure, there are certain anatomical explanations to why certain dress translates to masculine or feminine. But strong shoulders or a curvy waist are easily redefined with the right clothing, giving your body shape a backseat and highlighting the new, material silhouette on top.

Unisex styling goes way beyond uninspired basics and neutral clothing. Oversized clothing cloaks whatever curves (or lack of) while delivering a non-gendered appearance. Athleisure and branded offerings read a little more ambiguously – trainers, joggers and sweatshirts are non-binary in the material sense.

And with this trend comes an added freedom. The wisdom of knowing that you can wear whatever you want, rather than what the label or shop department dictates. All clothing is created equal.

That being said – this isn’t the end of masculine and feminine presenting fashion. The spectrum on which we want to express our identity through clothing, hairstyles, accessories or makeup, is fluid – it does not need to be a rebellion of gender norms.

When it comes to curating a wardrobe of fashion-forward pieces you don’t have to strictly shop from androgynous clothing brands to get the look you desire. In fact, the more creative the better. Be inspired by vintage offerings that have perfected genderless garments for decades and add your own 2020 twist.

Fashion freedom

Fashion freedom is all about questioning your boundaries and exploring whether your beliefs: are your own? Or are they ideas that culture has subscribed to you? Instead of sorting all clothes into the boxes of men’s style or women’s style, challenge yourself to simply see them as items that reflect your identity or items that don’t.


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