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I don't think I've been this excited since Gucci became a publicly traded company

Legally Blonde is the pinnacle of chick flicks. Not only is this film genuinely hilarious, but it also tackles a common stereotype women frequently have to overcome. Being blonde and more broadly being overtly feminine. While Elle Woods goes on a journey to get her ex-boyfriend back, she showcases an array of dazzling looks, that left a lasting impression on everyone who watched the film. Here is our own take on how to get the look for the movie Legally Blonde, and pay attention, because we know you won’t want to miss the details for this one.

Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed

Elle Woods wearing pink

If there is one thing that is prevalent throughout the entirety of the Legally Blonde film, it is the colour pink. Not only is it worn by Elle Woods on multiple occasions, but it is also one of the most iconic phrases within the script. To get the look, you will want to wear as much pink as possible, no matter the occasion. Elle Woods is seen wearing pink on the sun loungers, at the Halloween party and even in the courtroom, so do not be afraid to stray away from neutral colours and opt in for something pink instead.

Lots of sparkle

Elle Woods wearing sparkles

This movie has the perfect outfits for if you are looking to turn heads and catch eyes everywhere you go. Elle Woods is seen wearing sparkling outfits on several occasions, these outfits are dazzling and show that you are putting in a large amount of effort to stand out. Elle is seen wearing a sparkly dress while she is dress shopping that is covered in big, blue sequins. She is also seen wearing a variety of sequin bikinis, that will not only make you look like glamorous as ever, but will also reflect on the light, adding to the beauty of the look.

Costume party

Elle Woods Halloween party

One of the most memorable scenes in the Legally Blonde movie is the costume party, and that is due to Elle Wood’s fabulous Playboy Bunny outfit. This scene contributed to the build-up of the Playboy Bunny outfit being one of the most popular Halloween costumes to date. To get this look you will need to wear a baby pink bodysuit and corset, with some feather detailing across the top of the corset. You will also need to pair this look with some hot pink fishnet tights, floppy bunny ears, and a square handbag. By pairing these altogether, you will have the perfect Halloween costume inspired by Legally Blonde, and we are sure you will get a lot of compliments on it too.

The use of accessories

Elle Woods wearing accessories

If there is one thing that Elle Woods is not scared to wear, it is accessories. She is seen wearing and holding an array of accessories, from hats to chokers and even her dog at times. So, making sure to pair your outfit with matching add ons is the perfect way to complete a look. One amazing example is Elle’s hit pink beret, which was the outfit that brought to us the iconic ‘Woods comma Elle’ quote.


Elle Woods wearing dresses

Some people tend to only reach for a dress in their wardrobe if they are going out. Elle Woods on the other hand, is seen wearing dresses, no matter the occasion. Elle also has a variety of style of dresses, such as halter necks, latex, and collared dresses. So, to reach your full Legally Blonde potential, do not be afraid to wear a dress no matter what you are planning to do, and start trying out different styles to see what works for you, so you are always switching up your look.

Overall, Legally Blonde not only has an inspirational message that you can do whatever you put your mind to, even when others try to convince you otherwise, but it also has some outstanding looks. From dresses that make you look like a shining disco ball, to accessories that are the cherry on top to any outfit, this movie has it all. If you are looking to get the look, just remember, as long as it’s pink, we are sure Elle Woods would approve.

Get the Look

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  • Posted on by Melissa M.

    This takes me back! I used to love their outfits in the movie, especially Elle’s! It is hard to believe that this movie is as old as it is now. I guess time goes by faster than we really realize. All the more reason to think back and collect vintage items. I am trying to make a few outfits inspired by Elle and this has been pretty useful!

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