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You don't have to be a mean girl to dress like a Mean Girl...

Mean Girls is arguably one of the best chicks flicks to ever grace the silver screen. Not only does it show the harsh realities of school life that are not often seen in a comedic light, but it has also been the source of many memorable quotes and scenes that have become iconic pop culture moments. The unique script writing and take on a girl’s school experience is not the only part of the movie that stands out. The outfits of The Plastics, known as Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith and eventually Cady Heron give the show an aesthetic quality that leaves a lasting impression. We are here today to help you get the look of these amazing characters. Get ready to turn heads everywhere you go.

On Wednesdays we wear pink

On Wednesdays we wear pink - Mean Girls wearing pink

This quote is loved by all, and just by saying this phrase, you can immediately identify which film it comes from. But if there is one thing the plastics gravitate towards, it is the colour pink, but remember only to wear it on Wednesday! For a pink look, you can go for a tight, circle neck jumper paired with a pink chequered skirt. This is seen being worn by Karen, and it is super dressy and girly. For an alternative option, you can go for a baggier look like Cady does. This would include a pink, short sleeve hoodie, paired with some baggy jeans and converse. Both looks are sure to catch eyes, even though they are 2 completely different styles, they are still super fashionable.


Mean Girls wearing sportswear - Mean Girls doing PE

The Mean Girls know how to take sportswear and add their own signature touch to it. If you want to transform your sportswear as the plastics did, make sure to crop your t-shirt and buy a size smaller so that it clings to your skin. You can then pair the top with either shorts or a skirt, as long as the bottoms are black, and are a mid-thigh length.

Halloween outfits

Mean Girls Halloween Outfits

Another iconic moment from the show was the Halloween party. To get the look for Regina George’s outfit you are going to want to buy a white leotard paired with black hot pants/shorts. Then for the cherry on top, you can add a pair of bunny ears and white fluffy boots. For Gretchen Wieners outfit, you will want a full black latex suit and a pair of cat ears. Extra points if you can draw on a pair of cat whiskers to really take the look to the next level. Finally, for Karen’s look, you are going to want to take a black, flowy dress that is cut above the thigh, and pair it with some mouse ears. Any of these outfits are going to make you stand out, so which one will you use to make your own?

Christmas outfits

Mean Girls Christmas Dance - Mean Girls Wearing Christmas Outfits

We all remember the scene where the plastics start singing Jingle Bell Rock at their school talent show. Although these outfits are debatably not appropriate for a school event, this did not stop the plastics from looking amazing in them. If you want to get this look you are going to have to get a cropped red vest, with a fluffy white fur trimming, paired with a red leather skirt, yet again with the same trimming. If you want to take this look to the next level, you can also pair the outfit with a Santa’s hat and black knee-high socks. Just know that if you wear this outfit to any event, you will be sure to have the spotlight on you.

Always wear a heel

The plastics are wearing some sort of heel in almost every scene throughout the movie. Whether it is a pair of stilettos or knee-high boots, by making sure that your shoes have a small heel, you are sure to take your look to the next level, and just know that the plastics would be proud of you for it.

We can see why people love the movie, the outfits are beyond stunning, and they will always have you feeling as though you are ready to strut across a catwalk. If you are looking to get the look from this film, remember that your aim is to stand out and always be wearing a fashion statement piece.

Get the Look

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  • Posted on by Jen T.

    It is nuts to think this movie came out in 2004! I feel like it was just 10 years ago but it has been almost 20 years. I loved a lot of the looks from the movie. It was right in my age range at the time as well. I was a older teen when the movie was released and remember wearing outfits inspired by them. A friend of mine is having an early 2000’s party in a few months and I plan on going with a few other friends as the Plastics. It will be a lot of fun!

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