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90s skater style is back and better than ever

The film Mid90s swept through theatres in 2018. The film featured a 13-year-old boy, Stevie, on a journey trying to balance his troubled home life with his new group of friends. This film immediately gained a cult following that loved everything from the actors to the soundtrack. But it was not just the acting that people loved about the Mid90s, but also the aesthetic style, particularly the skater fashion of the 90s.

These looks were a nostalgic trip for viewers and left many remembering just how cool the 90s skater look was. Here are our top tips on how to get the funky yet bold looks from the film Mid90s.

Oversized t-shirts

Mid90s Oversized T-Shirts

Many of the male characters in this movie almost exclusively wear oversized and baggy clothing. This was a common style choice in the 90s and it is one that was used to give off the skater boy vibes that everyone knows and loves. Funnily enough this trend has come all the way back around and the oversized look that the characters of Mid90s nail is trending once again.


Mid90s Beanie

What better way to add to the skater boy vibe, than a beanie hat. You often see characters throughout the movie such as Fuckshit (yes that’s really the characters name), sporting a beanie hat and adding to their edgy vibe. Not only are these styles of hats perfect for keeping the hair out of your face while you are skateboarding, but they are also great at accessorizing a look.

Baggy trousers

Mid90s Baggy Trousers

The t-shirts are not the only thing that comes oversized in this film. From jeans to sweatpants, you are unlikely to see any trousers fitted to a character in this movie. They are the type of trousers that are inevitably frayed at the ankles from being trod on over and over again.

Neutral colours

Mid90s Neutral Tones

This one does not apply as much to the girls within the movie, but the guys definitely love a neutral-toned colour. The colour palette for the cast revolves around whites, greys and blacks. You don’t often see the cast wear any other colours, and usually, their pop of colour is the skateboard they are holding. So, if you are looking to get this look, neutral colours are going to be your best friend.


Throughout the movie, you see most of the cast wear striped patterns. This was a popular trend in the ’90s and it helps add some detail to what the characters are wearing. Most of the patterns tend to consist of white, black, and pink. The only other piece of detail that you see on their clothing is logos and subtle designs.

Low-waisted jeans

Low-waisted jeans were a must-have in the 90s and they are worn constantly throughout this film. If you want to complete this look, make sure you pair the jeans with a belt and remember the baggier the jeans, the better.

Crop tops

Mid90s Crop Tops

From off the shoulder crop tops, to cropped vest tops, this is a memorable look in the movie. This style of top goes perfectly with any type of jeans or skirt and is best accessorised with a pair of hair clips. This is usually the statement piece within the movie, so make sure if you are looking to get the look, that you go for a vibrant crop top.

Pop of colour

Although the males in the movie stick to neutral tones, the females tend to add a lot of colour to their looks. That being said they do not overdo it, so if you are looking to get the look, make sure to have a statement piece. This could be a red skirt or a pink off the shoulder top, just make sure it fits with the rest of your outfit and it is what your eyes are drawn to.


We can see why people love this movie and the fashion within it is not only nostalgic but looks fantastic. So, make sure if you are looking to get the look and take after this iconic film, that the edgier the look, the better.


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  • Posted on by Deb

    I love, love LOVE that this style is back. The mid-90’s had such cool street wear. I know when we entered into the 00’s some trends remained but they fizzled out eventually. I am glad to see more and more items like these in stores that can be bought new. The quality is not as good imo as clothing is made different today (cutting corners to save) but I will take what I can get when looking to stylize my wardrobe to mimic the perfect year in my eyes, 1996.

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