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What did Mods and Rockers wear?

Quadrophenia is a timeless film that came out in 1979 that has maintained its status as a classic throughout the years. Although the film is somewhat based on The Who’s 1973 rock opera, it does not have a musical aspect and takes on a serious tone. The storyline is based on a Mod known as Jimmy Cooper who rebels against his dull day to day life and starts partying with Mods and brawling with Rockers, slowly falling in love with the excitement and adrenaline that comes with his new life.

Not only is the film loved for its storyline that hooks you in and has you on the edge of your seat with excitement, but also due to the style of the characters within the movie. The mods within the movie dress fresh and have a ‘bad boy’ vibe about their look that many people try to replicate. Languishing in the latest Italian tailored clothing, their fashion choices were on the cutting edge. Here are our top tips to getting the look of the mods from the film Quadrophenia. 

Jimmy Cooper

Jimmy Cooper Quadrophenia

Starting with one of the most stylish characters within the film, also known as the main character Jimmy Cooper. The movie is from his point of view, so we get to learn a lot about Jimmy’s style and here is how to achieve it. Throughout most of the storyline Jimmy is seen wearing a khaki oversized jacket.

What parka did Jimmy wear in Quadrophenia?
The parka that Jimmy wore in Quadrophenia is known as the M51 Parka and was recreated for The Who’s 2012/13 Quadrophenia tour.

He pairs this jacket alongside a button up blazer and a white shirt, alongside a tie. There is something super sophisticated about this look, and the pairing of colours work well together. He sticks to neutral tones, mostly whites and blacks, but the khaki parka jacket is the statement piece of his outfit and is what you are drawn to throughout the film.

We see Jimmy wear different blazers throughout the film, this includes a burgundy and a striped blazer. These colours pair well together with the khaki jumper, which he only occasionally took off. Overall, alongside his motorcycle, we can see why people love this smart but rebellious look, and we believe that Jimmy pulls it off well. Jimmy’s style is also very similar to that of another mod, known as Chalky.


Dave Quadrophenia

Dave, played by Mark Wingett in Quadrophenia, is one of the mod’s with a bolder style. Unlike Jimmy, Dave’s style stands out more and is sure to turn heads. Throughout the film we can see Dave wear a bright red/orange v-neck jumper paired alongside a white shirt. To complete this look, he pairs his outfit with a bright blue hat, and although he wears a variety of bright colours, they do not clash. Dave’s style is perfect if you are going for a charming yet cosy look, but make sure to pair this look with a smile on your face, much like Dave does.


Spider Quadrophenia

Spider is seen throughout the film wearing a variety of neutral tone blazers, such as black and grey. He arguably has the most tidied up look of all the characters within the movie and looks very dapper. Most of the clothes that he wears within the movie are oversized, and the most iconic piece of clothing that he wears is a black belted trench coat. This pairs perfectly with any outfit that he wears, as the colour black tends to go with everything.

All the mods

If there is one thing that the mods have in common throughout the movie, it is their shoes. Although they all have very similar style, they can all be seen wearing leather loafers, especially when they are riding on their scooters. On multiple occasions we see the loafers paired with red socks, so if you want to add that extra detail to your look, this is the way to go. That being said, the cast was also seen wearing other types of shoes such as desert boots.

Overall, this captivating movie showcases a range of styles that can be adapted to everyone’s taste. Quadrophenia captures the ‘bad boy’ connotation associated with the mods while showcasing them in sophisticated suits and blazers. We can see why people love this movie, and to anyone looking to get the look, be ready to make heads turn.



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  • Posted on by Jack Spruce

    I recently watched this film again for the first time in a good 20 years. I first saw it in the late ‘80s. It has a bit of a cult following around it with people in my family and social circle. I always enjoyed the look from the mid-‘70s to mid-’80s when it came to men’s trends. It is a shame that things were a lot more classy back then and things have gotten almost lazy today. I am always looking for vintage clothing for this reason. It was made better, fit better, and make everyone look better. At least in my opinion.

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