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Dress like the most iconic disco dancers

Saturday night fever is a popular film from the 1970s that made hundreds of millions on the box office, despite only having a $3.5 million budget. The film features Tony Manero (played by John Travolta), a dancer who spends his Saturdays at a disco where he is adored for his incredible dancing. Part of his love for disco dancing is fuelled by how drab and boring his life is outside of the discotheque. The incredible dance moves, and flashy outfits really showcase the very best of the disco movement, and it’s easy to see why this film became an instant cult classic. Here are our best tips on how to dress like the dancers in Saturday Night Fever, so keep on reading to get the look!

White disco suit

Tony Manero wearing White Disco Suit

We are starting off strong with the most well-known outfit from this film which is Tony Manero’s white disco suit. This is not only featured throughout the film, but it is also the outfit featured on the cover of the movie. To get this look you are going to want to find a vibrant white suit with black hems. It is also ideal that you go for a v-neck shirt if you really want to match Tony’s style down to the small details. This is great if you are looking to stand out and catch the eyes of those around you. We are sure if you wear this outfit that you will turn a lot of heads.

Leather jacket

We also see Tony wearing a leather jacket throughout the movie. This is a great way to add to a look, especially during the colder seasons. Not only does a leather jacket go with everything, but it also gives off bad boy vibes that are hard to resist. Leather jackets were extremely popular at the time and they have maintained their status as a fashion staple and must have for the masses.

Tony Manero wearing Leather Jacket with Red Shirt

Bold statement pieces

One thing that Tony loves, is a bold pop of colour. We see him pair a leather jacket with a red shirt. This is super bold, and the v-neck style of the shirt makes it hard to ignore. This is not the only pop of colour that Tony wears throughout the movie, he goes for very vibrant colours, including his disco suit.

Leather shoes

Tony Manero wearing Black Leather Shoes

If there’s one thing that the male dancers tend to have in common, it is the shoes. They all wear black leather shoes, which go perfectly with their outfits. Not only are these shoes super easy to dance in but they also go with any look, because black goes with everything.

Red off the shoulder dresses

Stephanie wearing Red off the Shoulde Dress

Another iconic look from the movie is Stephanie Mangano’s red off the shoulder dress. Not only does this look absolutely amazing when she is dancing, but it is super flowy and eye-catching. The bright pop of red not only is bold but draws your attention to the dress. The fact that the dress is off the shoulder, is a nice added detail that shows off some skin and compliments her black bob hairstyle. The dress is also cinched in at the waist, which helps give off the illusion of an hourglass figure. If you are looking to get this look, we are sure that all eyes will be on you, especially if you are dancing.

Tank tops and bodysuits

Tony Manero wearing Tank Top

When the cast is not at a disco, they wear more basic styles of clothing such as tank tops and bodysuits. This is common for when professional dancers are practising and helps you beat the heat and is a sporty type of style. So, if you are going for a more basic look from the movie, then this is the perfect way to go and will have you looking sporty as ever before.

We can see why people love this movie, not only is it a classic that showcases some of the best dance moves of the time, but the sense of style is simply jaw dropping. If you are looking to get the look from this film, remember that the flashier you go, the better.


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  • Posted on by Dan M.

    A few years ago (pre-COVID) a group of friends and some family had a part that was themed for Saturday Night Fever. It was a blast from the past to say the least. I wish I had found this article sooner though! I had a hard time hunting down the vintage look that John sported in the movie. We are going to be doing another for my father’s 60th. He loved the movie so my sister suggested it. Now I am going to be prepared this time!

  • Posted on by Jasmine Hewitt
    This is a great guide if you were doing Saturday Night Fever cosplay!

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