Guide to nailing the oversized look


Nailing the oversized look

It's the key to getting involved with the vintage and streetwear trends we see around us, and with working from home very quickly becoming the new normal, it looks like loose relaxed garms are here to stay.

Want a slice of the action but not sure where to start? Here are seven tips to get you going…


Matching coordinates are an easy starting point if you don’t trust your judgement picking out complimentary shapes just yet. Designed to be worn together, the proportions and fit have already been thought through for you by their creators.

No extra thought needed, just throw them on and you’re good to go *chefs kiss*.Extra bonus – as well as wearing together, you can wear the pieces separately so this is a savvy option if you’re looking for a couple of versatile pieces that you can add to your wardrobe. 






For extra cool points, build up your layers. Top your loose tee off with an oversized cord shirt, layer a loose track jacket over your fave sweatshirt, pop a baggy jumper over a maxi dress or go for a triple whammy with a loose tee and zipped hoodie topped off with an oversized denim jacket. This is a great option for the transitional seasons when it’s too warm for a full on coat but not warm enough for just a tee.

If you’re looking to elevate your streetwear layers further, top your casual ‘fit off with contrasting tailored pieces like a boxy blazer or overcoat.






Balance with slim fit pieces

Add contrast to your oversized garms by balancing them with more fitted pieces – whether it’s a baggy tee layered over a tight long sleeve top, a slim fit track jacket paired with wide leg jeans or oversized joggers, tight jeans under a loose jumper or, one for the ladies, a boxy cord shirt over leggings or cycling shorts.

Not keen on anything too tight? Opt for slim straight leg trousers instead of anything too fitted – they’ll contrast well with baggy garms on top without being too tight. Play around with different proportions and see what works for you.

Cropped shapes

If you don’t fancy a head to toe oversized silhouette, break it up by opting for cropped lengths or creating them yourself with a pair of scissors - think raw hem jeans, ankle grazing sweatpants and boxy cropped tees and jumpers.

If you’re reluctant to go DIY and hack away at your clothes, opt for rolling your hems over or knotting oversized tees to a cropped length instead of cutting. Alternatively, tuck your baggy tee into your waistband to add a bit of shape without going for full on cropped lengths.


Add interest and dimension to your oversized looks with accessories. Break up your oversized silhouette with a cross body bag, add some bling with simple chains and rings, polish your look with a sleek pair of sunnies or top it all off with a cap or beanie. Nuff said - simple but very effective.

Brights and patterns

If a neutral colour palette isn’t your vibe, play around with bright colours and patterns on your oversized garms. Let’s face it, we could all do with having a bit of fun at the moment (lmao thanks covid x) so this is a sure fire way to ramp up the good vibes – extra points if you opt for a splash of sunshine yellow.

If you’re not sure how to go about adding colour, ease yourself in with coloured accessories like a bright cap or tie dyed socks.

Ready for the next level? Go for one or two bright pieces and keep the rest of your outfit neutral – something like a bright red sweatshirt or striped green rugby polo with grey straight leg jeans and a black puffa coat for example, or black joggers and a loose white tee topped off with a bold colour block track jacket or patterned shirt.

Feeling brave? Dive right in at the deep end and go for HEAD TO TOE colour - yolo amiright (sorry not sorry)

Graphic prints and slogans

Much like colour blocking, graphic prints and slogans are a cool, easy way to have fun with your oversized pieces. Think band tees, varsity sweats, slogan prints, embroidered denim, brand logos - THE LIST GOES ON!!

There’s something for everyone whatever your taste so if this sounds like your cup of tea go have a look through our vintage finds, there’s plenty of prints and slogans to take your fancy…


For more fashion news and updates, stay tuned to OneOff Vintage.

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