How fashion survived lockdown


When fashion collides with a global pandemic

With vaccines finally being rolled out across the UK it’s time to reflect on one part of our lives that is never immune from global change: Fashion.

We found ourselves using fashion differently during the national lockdown, in a way that has recharged our imagination and given the contents of our wardrobe a new role to play in our lives. No, we’re not talking about the Zoom-meeting-mullet (business on the top, pyjamas on the bottom).

Forever Fashion

Something funny happened to our concept of time when days, weeks and months seemed to blur into one. All the while, timeless trends were cementing themselves into the foundations of our clothing habits.

During the national quarantining there was no reason to change into a newly bought outfit every day. Without public outings or social media posting the world didn’t notice that you were wearing, re-wearing, washing and re-wearing your favourite outfit for an entire season. And why should you care?

With the slowing down of business, society and life as we knew it, why wouldn’t that be translated into the slowing down of our fashion choices? Without the constant demand for a gleaming new get-up, lockdown taught us that our shopping habits may not have just been obsessive, but destructive too. Fast fashion claims to hold a certain runway glamour but, underneath, it perpetuates an unquenchable thirst for fad trends.

The turn towards slow fashion during the pandemic encouraged us to support sustainable brands and allowed us to value the fashion already floating about the vintage markets.

Choose that perfectly basic jumper that fits just right. Choose a longstanding vintage treasure that has stood the test of time. Choose your quirky pair of trousers that look great regardless of whether they’re in this year or not.

The Feel-Good Factor

Recently, it’s been all too easy to fall into days and weeks of ugghh. Lockdown has certainly proved that a nasty cough is not the only symptom of a pandemic. Whether your ills showed themselves as a temptation to comfort eat, dreadfully repetitive routines, a lack of self-maintenance (AKA discovering just how hairy you really are) or… all of the above.

An antidote to these monotonous months is the mindful inclusion of feel-good fashion.

If you found yourself in need of a pick me up and couldn’t figure out where your sweets stash disappeared to (hint: I worked it out when I stepped on the scales) what you could’ve been craving was the warm hug of your favourite garment.

It’s tempting to say jeans have no place in the lockdown fashion vault, but it’s what works for you. If denim marks the basis of a productive day outfit, then, by all means, don your Levi’s around the house as much as you like as a ritualistic preparation for your day ahead.

Your clothing item needn’t been soft and cosy in the physical sense, but more emit a quality of comfort, nostalgia and homeliness that you can sink into for a perk up in an otherwise gloomy day. The move towards novelty joggers this year wasn’t an accident.

Feelin’ Yourself

When the world came to a standstill it zapped most of our momentum, leaving many of us bored, unmotivated and unimaginative. When you needed to stir up some creativity, the act of getting dressed could’ve been the spark that your muffled, uninspired inner-fire needed.

Lockdown fashion was an avenue for artistic self-expression that granted the perfect amount of privacy. With no judgemental eyebrow raises from onlookers to kill the vibe, people were free to play with more daring choices, experimental silhouettes and colour blocking.

While in the beginning this took people out of their comfort zone, after months of confident building and honing the right look, who knows what sort of style we could see post-lockdown. This taste of fashion freedom might make for some colourful streets in 2021

Maybe you do want to dress up for your Zoom quiz night to instil a sense of normality, who’s going to stop you? Slip on a festive face mask and make the most of lockdown fashion.


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  • Posted on by Joann

    2020 was a weird year for a lot of reasons. I found myself being stuck in a slump when it came to fashion. I did find a creative outlet in using masks. Never thought I would say it but it was actually one of my favourite fashion accessories of 2020 and 2021 LOL I found a lot of “vintage style” ones on Etsy as well. Supporting small businesses and being able to match the masks with my vintage fines was a sweet deal.

  • Posted on by kathleen

    Hi! I definitely understand this! I absolutely love my pajamas but every now and then need to feel like a “person.” I actually got dressed all the way to makeup to pick up a socially distanced dinner from my mom!

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