How to style and wear vintage t-shirts


How to style and wear vintage t-shirts

Humble, yet striking, the vintage tee is already a staple in many of our closets. BUT, if you are still on the fence and looking for inspiration, LOOK NO FURTHER!

t’s safe to say, when it comes to the coveted vintage t-shirt there are three main contenders.

The graohic tee: favoured for its diversity, expressivity, and uniqueness, it’s probably the most popular of the vintage tees.

The band tee: for the slightly more eclectic members of fashion society, this is a great way to showcase to the world your taste for music and culture.

Lastly, the sports tee: for those who don’t fancy wearing a t-shirt with ‘meaning’ and won’t compromise on quality – ideal for that chilled afternoon down the park, or that chilled afternoon on the sofa, versatility is what’s on offer here.

Now... what you came for... how to style!

With the quickly rising popularity of vintage t-shirts, more and more of us want to know how we can spot one. Fortunately, there are several tell-tale signs that can help you identify a t-shirt as vintage.

Ladies, you're up for first

We can roll the graphic and band tees in one for this segment. The sports tee we’ll cover later.

Tucked in with loose jeans - Tucking a graphic tee into some jeans or cargos is so fashion-forward. Pair with your favourite shoulder bag and pointed-toe loafers and you have a bold and beautiful mix ready to rock all year long.

Tucked in T-Shirt with Loose Jeans - Vintage Outfit Inspiration

Faux cropped with straight leg jeans - Tie it up or tuck the hem into your bra, and rock your newly cropped top with a pair of high-waisted, straight-leg jeans and layered jewellery. Voilà, you have a new favourite go-to look.

Faux Cropped T-Shirt with Straight Leg Jeans - Vintage Outfit Inspiration

Structured blazer – A taste of business-meets-pleasure. Wearing a fitted or oversized blazer over a graphic tee is and is a great way to give a slouchy tee some structure.

Structured Blazer with a T-Shirt - Vintage Outfit Inspiration

Dressed up with leather – Girl’s night out? Pair your graphic tee with a leather jacket or a leather skirt. Having this outfit formula on hand takes the guesswork out of the all-dreaded “WTF am I going to wear tonight” dilemma. It’s the perfect way to dress up an otherwise casual tee and looks so damn cool.

Dressed up with vintage T-Shirt and leather - Vintage Outfit Inspiration

Now, let’s talk about the sports tee… And there’s only one piece of advice: WEAR OVERSIZED.

What’s the best way to achieve this? Buy a men’s size. For example, if you’re a women’s large, try a men’s medium. Whether you’re relaxing at home or heading to the gym, or just fancy something comfy and cool, this is your choice.

AN ALTERNATIVE: Having a chilled day at the park with some mates? Sometimes a slim fitting sports tee can work and work very well. Just pair with comfy, loose joggers and you’re good to go.

Time for the men's fits...

There’s one basic rule of thumb. Wear oversized. Don’t be afraid to go one size up from your usual fit, swap your slim size small for a looser medium and watch how it transforms your look.

The fantastic thing about this style is that it pairs with almost everything: Jeans, trousers, cargos, joggers, shorts, you name it, it works. Plus, you can interchange between different types of vintage tee and still pull it off, it really is that versatile.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself…

Vintage T-Shirt Outfit Inspiration

Vintage T-Shirt Outfit Inspiration

There are, of course, some alternatives for those of you with a more niche and refined style.

Exhibit A: slimmer fit dressed up with a jacket.

Or perhaps exhibit B: tucked in with a pair of vintage Levis.

Vintage T-Shirt Outfit Inspiration - OneOff Vintage

You might be left thinking ‘’but none of this is me…’’ and that’s fine. Vintage fashion is about diversity and uniqueness, so go ahead, grab yourself a vintage t-shirt and make it your own.

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