How to tell if Tommy Hilfiger is vintage


How to tell if Tommy Hilfiger is vintage

A global pioneer of American style, Tommy Hilfiger has spread everything the makes US preppy style cool all around the globe. Whilst Tommy Hilfiger is a relative newcomer when it comes to American fashion labels, some of its original designs have quickly become some of the most iconic pieces of vintage around. But with Tommy Hilfiger reviving a lot of its old designs off the back of their newfound popularity, it can be difficult to work out the new from the old. So, get ready for a comprehensive tutorial on how to split the vintage from the rest with this guide on how to identify vintage Tommy Hilfiger.

Snoop Dogg Tommy Hilfiger Rugby Polo

How to tell if Tommy Hilfiger is vintage from the logo

The Tommy Hilfiger logo is an indicator of quality and style. But more than this, it is featured on almost every item of vintage Tommy Hilfiger clothing, whether it’s a small chest logo on vintage Tommy Hilfiger polo, or a big logo across the front of vintage Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt, or even a subtle sleeve logo on a vintage Tommy Hilfiger quarter zip. Over the years different logos Tommy logos have come and gone and this can be a good indicator of the age of your vintage Tommy Hilfiger.

The Crest Logo

  • The Crest logo was popular in the late 90s
  • The logo features a lion holding a sword within the crest with the founding date of Tommy Hilfiger in roman numerals on the bottom
  • This logo has recently seen a resurgence in popularity with some of the old revamp designs
  • It has rarely been used on garment labels and is mostly a design logo

Tommy Hilfiger Crest Logo

The Hilfiger Athletic Logo

  • The Hilfiger Athletic logo was used in the 90s for the Hilfiger Athletic line which was then discontinued in the early 00s
  • It  is essentially a slanted version of the classic logo, and uses a different font
  • This logo was used both for garment labels and as a design logo on Hilfiger Athletic pieces

Hilfiger Athletic Logo

The Tommy Jeans Logo

  • The Tommy Jeans logo is in most cases indistinguishable from the classic Tommy logo, the only difference being the Tommy Jeans spellout inside the flag design
  • It first emerged in the early 90s and whilst it was initially just used on jeans, would seen be used on every garment type Tommy Hilfiger had in production
  • The Tommy Jeans branding has been revamped in the last decade and can be seen on newer product lines

Tommy Jeans Logo

    The Hilfiger Denim Logo

    • The Hilfiger Denim line was launched in the late 00s
    • The logo is a thin version of the original Tommy flag logo which is usually accompanied by Hilfiger Denim text either in a script font or a block text font
    • Hilfiger Denim would not be considered as vintage simply because the production of it was too recent

    Hilfiger Denim Logo

    How to tell if Tommy Hilfiger is vintage from the neck tags

    The neck tags have been redesigned and updated many times since Tommy Hilfiger's launch in 1985. And whilst it is difficult to pinpoint the exact dates of when each tag was used, they can be a good approximation of the time period that your vintage Tommy Hilfiger is from.

    Early to Mid 90s

    • These are some of the first mass produced Tommy Hilfiger neck tags and feature the classic logo with a Tommy Hilfiger spellout on the inside

    90s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    • The Tommy Jeans neck tags are from the same era and are almost identical, with the exception of the spellout saying Tommy Jeans instead of Tommy Hilfiger

    90s Tommy Jeans Neck Tags

    Mid to Late 90s

    • The use of the flag logo as a neck tag continued, however they set it on a white tag that included the manufacture location and the sizing
    • On a relatively small line of Tommy Golf clothing the crest was used as a neck tag with a unique font that has rarely been seen on Tommy Hilfiger clothes since

    90s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    • The Tommy Jeans product tags took a similar direction as the classic Tommy neck tags and began being set on a white tag with the sizing on the bottom as pictured

    90s Tommy Jeans Neck Tags

    • The Hilfiger Athletic line used unique tags, using the slightly altered logo and font on a black or white tag, with the earlier tags including the place of manufacture as shown on the left and middle tags

    90s Hilfiger Athletic Neck Tags

    Early to Mid 00s

    • This era saw the most significant alteration to the neck tags since Tommy Hilfiger’s inception
    • Instead  of the large flag logo, the flag is used as a break between the Tommy and Hilfiger, and the neck label became a long strip instead of a short rectangle
    • Generally, the white version was used on women’s clothing and the navy used on men’s

    00s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    • The Tommy Jeans neck tag also changed significantly became just the words Tommy Jeans without any use of the flag logo

    00s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    Mid to Late 00s

    • Minor adjustments were made to the neck tags at this time
    • The neck tag itself became smaller and a tab was once again used to indicate the sizing

    00s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    Early to Mid 10s

    • The neck tags were then updated to have more empty space around the Tommy Hilfiger spellout and logo, as well as on the sizing tab

    2010s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    • At this time Hilfiger Denim tags became more prominent, with some of the first ones using a canvas like material and a thinner Tommy Hilfiger flag logo

    2010s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    Mid to Late 10s

    • In line with most modern brands, Tommy Hilfiger started printing information onto the neck instead of using cloth

    2010s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    • The Tommy Jeans line was reintroduced around this time and uses a white tab with a Tommy Jeans spellout and classic flag logo with a blue and red trim at the top and bottom

    2010s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    • Hilfiger Denim also updated their neck tag to look similar to the new Tommy Jeans tag, creating some synchronicity between the two

    2010s Tommy Hilfiger Neck Tags

    Vintage Tommy Hilfiger tags through the years

    Vintage Tommy Hilfiger tags through the years - OneOff Vintage

    How to tell if Tommy Hilfiger is vintage from the wash tags

    On all authentic vintage Tommy Hilfiger you can find wash tags which include instructions on how to care for the garment and sometimes even specify the material used to create the garment. The design of these wash tags has been updated a few times and some even include the manufacturing month and date on them.

    Wash tag design

    • Thicker wash tags that have been sewn in as a loop with slightly pixelated font are a sign that the item is vintage

    Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Wash Tags

    • Modern wash tags tend to have the text printed onto them and use a shiny material, and some even include the Tommy Hilfiger website

    Modern Tommy Hilfiger Wash Tags

    Date of manufacture

    • Behind the wash tags, some vintage Tommy Hilfiger pieces have a small white tab which has the date and year of production on it
    • This was first seen around the late 90s, and was not necessarily used on every item of Tommy Hilfiger clothing
    • It should be noted that the date on the white tab refers to the date of manufacture and not the date of design, therefore a piece designed in the late 90s may have a production date in the 00s

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