• Is vintage clothing sustainable?

    Is vintage clothing sustainable?

    Have you been starting to question the sustainable benefits of shopping vintage? Perhaps you were lured into the world of shopping vintage by the headlines and influencers stating this or something similar- Buy vintage! It’s style and substance without the stress of wondering how to be sustainable. Then you were hooked, frequently purchasing bygone treasures for your home, wearing antique jewellery, and weaving vintage...
  • Fashion freedom: Menswear as womenswear, and vice versa

    Fashion freedom: Menswear as womenswear, and vice versa

    From the depths of sustainability and LGBTQ acceptance, we have been blessed with a wave of unisex clothing, but this isn’t a new trend. Modern androgynous styling has been championed since the early 20th century, with celebrity icons spurring on the movement of blurring the line between what men and women “should” wear.
  • Our favourite vintage fashion blogs

    Our favourite vintage fashion blogs

    Do you yearn for vintage clothing knowledge? The kind of knowledge that will take your style to the next level? Well look no further because here is our pick of the best vintage clothing and thrifting blogs around.
  • How fashion survived lockdown

    How fashion survived lockdown

    With vaccines finally being rolled out across the UK it’s time to reflect on one part of our lives that is never immune from global change: Fashion.
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