What are adjustable rings?


What are adjustable rings?

Working out your right ring size can be tricky. The shape of every finger is unique, so whilst you might be able to take measurements to get a rough idea of your ring size, this quite often isn’t the perfect fit for your finger. And when it comes to rings if it’s too loose it becomes a nuisance and slides up and down, and if it’s too tight if squeezes the life out of your finger all day. And as more and more of us order our jewellery and accessories online, this problem is becoming commonplace.

Enter the adjustable ring. By creating a ring with a gap that is made of a malleable metal, adjustable rings can be reshaped to the perfect size. Adjustable rings come in many shapes and sizes, and ultimately are a comfortable alternative to traditional rings. Especially if you have big knuckles to get the rings over or arthritic fingers that are incredibly painful when squeezing a traditional ring over them. This means that adjustable rings are way more versatile than their counterparts. You can switch them from one finger to the next, and they’ll still fit as your hand grows and changes with time.

How does an adjustable ring work?

How does an adjustable ring work? - Tibetan Adjustable Rings

Adjustable rings come with a gap in the ring. This gap means that the rings can be squeezed down to a smaller size or pulled open to a bigger size. The materials used to make these rings are often easy to reshape and can even be reshaped once its on your finger. This means you can literally open it up, slide it onto your finger and tighten it to a comfortable level. You can say goodbye to tightly squeezing a traditional right over your knuckle until you wince in pain. Welcome to the new era of finger jewellery. Please note that completely unfurling the ring by trying to make it too big or squeezing the ring to make a as tiny as possible might lead to misshaping the ring permanently, so be careful.

How to adjust an adjustable ring?

How to make an adjustable ring bigger:

  • Grip both sides of the ring by the gap, and slowly pull them apart. You should only widen the gap by a tiny margin. If you try and warp the ring too much it may not return to its original shape.
  • As you’re widening the gap, apply pressure with your thumbs on the top of the ring to maintain the shape and get a better grip on the ring.
  • Then slip the ring onto your finger to see if it’s the perfect fit.

How to make an adjustable ring smaller:

  • Adjustable rings can be made smaller whilst they’re on your finger.
  • Once on your finger, use your index finger and thumb to gently apply pressure to either side of the ring.
  • Repeat this until the ring fits comfortably.

After a long search for a ring that fits, we found the perfect solution! Adjustable rings are so much better than traditional ones. They come in different shapes and styles to suit your individual style but they have one thing in common - they fit every hand size. 

Adjustable Rings

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  • Posted on by Whitney Wright

    I love wearing adjustable rings, especially retro ones. Trouble is, I have issues with certain metals and my fingers turning green. I have a hard time finding ones that are mostly sterling or some other safe alloy-free material. I managed to find two at a local craft stall a few years ago. Such a bummer. I would otherwise have a HUGE collection of these!

  • Posted on by Kathleen d Wallace
    Thanks for the tips! I have lost weight and it is so hard to find a ring that fits!
  • Posted on by Jasmine Hewitt
    I have oddly shaped, tiny fingers, so adjustable rings area go-to for me

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