What is a vintage kilo sale and are they worth it?


What is a vintage kilo sale and are they worth it?

We’ve all seen them… fashionable people. The people that always seem to have a new outfit on; a new leather jacket, last week it was black, the week before brown, this time it’s red. Most of us would assume they’re spending huge sums of money to get this kind of wardrobe, but these people have a little trick up their sleeves, a trick that allows them to get their hands on clothes for as little as a few pounds per item. This trick is the vintage kilo sale.

Forget charity shop thrifting, that’s for the uninformed. This is bigger, better, and cheaper. Imagine a huge room lined wall to wall with rails and rails of vintage clothing, then imagine that instead of buying each item individually you pay based on how much your items weigh. This is the vintage kilo sale, and yes, it is real.

The first ever UK vintage kilo sale was in 2009 and today there are dozens of kilo sale events hosted every month all over the country. In fact, their popularity has grown so much, there is probably an event happening in your nearest large town within the next couple of weeks.

Vintage Kilo Sale - OneOff Vintage

But before you go rushing off to one of these events, you need to know what to do when you get there. So, let’s give you the low down…

  • Doors typically open between 9-10am and the event runs all day (sometimes two days) until around 6pm
  • Some events may be ticketed for no more than a couple of pounds and you can purchase the tickets online, or on the door - just have a google
  • Upon arrival you will be given a large plastic bag which you will then fill with the clothes you want to buy
  • Most events have areas designated for trying clothes on, complete with mirrors and curtains
  • When you’re finished your bag will be weighed, and a price calculated – typically prices are £15-£20 per kilo
  • Apple Pay, credit cards, and cash are all accepted methods of payment

But what does this mean in terms of price per item of clothing?

To give you a rough idea, T-shirts & dresses typically weigh around 300g, jackets around 1kg, and trousers around 500g. Perhaps an obvious one, but a rule of thumb: the more it weighs, the more you pay.

Let’s say you fill your bag with two t-shirts, a dress, a jacket, and a pair of trousers – this would end up costing you about £36, which works out to be about £7 per item. NOT bad at all!

Vintage Kilo Sale - OneOff Vintage

What about quality?

I understand. Prices this good must mean low quality, right? Wrong. Kilo sales stock their rails with the best that vintage clothing has to offer, nothing but grade A. This means quality brands that are practically ready to wear with no major damage and no major marks. Plus, the range of clothing on offer is very broad; with everything from 90s sports track jackets to 70s leather jackets, there is something for everyone.

Some, but not all the categories you can expect to see include:

  • Dresses
  • Blouses
  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • Jumpers
  • Knitwear
  • Shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jackets (Denim, Leather etc.)
  • Sports track jackets

Pro tip: Although new stock is added to the rails throughout the day, I would recommend attending as early as possible! The best items go fast, so if you want the chance to steal some absolute gold, GO EARLY!

This all sounds great, but how do I find an event?

The easiest way to find an event near you is to simply google ‘vintage kilo sales in Manchester’, if you live near Manchester for example. There are quite a few companies running these events now, so you shouldn’t be short of options. But if you’re reading this blog, you probably want the advice of a kilo sale veteran, so here are my personal favourites:

  • Best Vintage Kilo Sale
  • The Vintage Kilo Sale
  • Preloved Kilo
  • Worth the Weight Vintage

Happy Hunting!

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