What's Hot?: Vintage Best Company


The best vintage Best Company right now!

Bright, bold and unique designs make vintage Best Company a thing of beauty. Here’s which vintage Best Company items are hot at the moment (and don’t seem to be cooling off).

Designer Olmes Caretti started Best Company in 1982. Finding his beginning’s in Carpi (a town in the North of Italy), the designs that Olmes Caretti was producing was quickly picked up by the Paninari.

The Paninari was a group of young elites that brazenly pursued a life of luxury and style. This lifestyle movement was known for obsessing over designer clothing. And considering Best Company was being designed and created in a nearby region and had some of the boldest and unique designer sweatshirts, jackets, shirts and more.

Unfortunately for Best Company, the paninari was the height of its popularity and it fell on hard times, even ceasing production for a few years. In this time, founder, and designer Olmes Caretti parted ways with the company and found other avenues to pursue in the fashion industry.

Since 2017 Best Company has been collaborating with its original designer Olmes Caretti. Although the new designs are an awesome modern take on a retro classic, nothing can come close to 80s Best Company.

Vintage Best Company Sweatshirts

Vintage Best Company tends to be bright and bold, and no part of their collection demonstrates this better than vintage sweatshirts. Encompassing a big spellout or print design, Vintage Best Company sweatshirts often refer to skiing, one of the paninaris favourite past times.

Vintage Best Company

Some of their nicest sweats are even reversible. It’s not often that you’ll come across one of these rare gems, the reversible Best Company sweatshirts are extra thick and cosy, and give you two sweatshirts in one!

Vintage Best Company

Vintage Best Company Jackets

Best Company has dabbled in a variety of different styles when it comes to jackets. They’ve designed some retro varsity style jackets as well as vintage denim jackets. The straightforward designs of the jackets often contrasted the designs in other categories of their products.

Vintage Best Company


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  • Posted on by Sasha

    A friend of mine recently managed to find a vintage Best Company sweatshirt online. Had no idea about the brand, just liked the look of the shirt. It basically looks brand new! It was clearly well kept. I was so jealous when she showed it to me. It has such a nice oversize fit. I have trouble finding this brand myself when it comes to vintage shopping.

  • Posted on by Kathleen d Wallace

    Wow, thanks for introducing me to this designer! Whereas I normally don’t wear tshirts with design on them , I miss the blocky prints like the one pictured.

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