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The best vintage North Face right now!

The ultimate blend of fashion and utility, here’s which vintage North Face items are hot right now (and seemingly have been for the last 30 years)

Beginning in 1966, the North Face clothing was designed for outdoorsmen and general activewear. They’ve designed products across a huge range of categories, ranging from mountaineering equipment and sleeping bags to skiwear and clothes such as puffers and fleeces.

The North Face was never intended to break into the realm of ‘fashion’, however the adoption of the North Face by hip hop artists during the 1990s saw a huge rise in popularity. An iconic moment of the North Face being donned by a rapper was in Method Man’s 1993 music video. Soon people weren’t just buying the North Face Nupste puffers and Denali fleeces for their next hiking expedition, but instead to look cool in everyday life.

In recent years, collaboration with exclusive streetwear brands such as Supreme have cemented it’s status as a fashionable outdoor brand that blends utility with style in a unique way.

The infamous logo represents the north face of Half Dome in California, Yosemite. The north face of a mountain is often considered the most treacherous to climb, which the founders thought aligned with the spirit of the brand. Initial designs ensured that the North Face logo was always on the back shoulder so that a North Face wearer could be identified as such when they scaled mountains or climbed walls.

With over 50 years of producing some of the most durable and fashionable outdoors clothing, the North Face have produced many iconic pieces, but when it comes to vintage North Face these are the items that people just keep coming back to.

Vintage North Face Fleeces - The Denali

Vintage North Face Fleece Denali

The Denali is probably the most recognizable fleece ever created. It’s staying power as a culturally relevant item of clothing is comparable to Levis 501 jeans and Dr Martens boots. Designed initially as a technical mid layer for outdoors activities. The abrasion patches on the shoulders gave the Denali extra durability over its competitors.

A vintage North Face fleece like the Denali is versatile for both expeditions and fashionable outings. The straightforward block design means with the right colour and fit, this vintage North Face fleece can be paired with almost anything.

Vintage North Face Puffers - The Nuptse

Vintage North Face Puffer Brown Kendall Jenner

The Nuptse is probably their most widely known item of clothing, and the warmth and quality of these vintage North Face puffers is legendary. They are stuffed with feathers and are always surprisingly light considering how much protection they offer.

Much like Kendall Jenner’s donning of the North Face puffer, it’s initial popularity came in the early 90s when celebrities, particularly rappers, started regularly wearing them. A vintage North Face puffer can be styled with almost any outfit, and they come thousands of colours, patterns and designs.

And whilst you might expect that a puffer that’s seen the 90s would have deflated and lost its warmth you’d be surprised to know that even after all this time the Nuptse somehow manages to stay just as warm and cosy as ever.

Vintage North Face Jackets - The Mountain Jacket

Vintage North Face Jacket Mountain Jacket

Originally designed for ascending mountains and icy walls, the Mountain Jacket had an enduring appeal in street culture starting in New York in the early 90s. The Goretex material and lightweight design made this the perfect jacket for keeping the elements at bay whilst not limiting the wearers range of movement. The Mountain Jacket notably made an appearance on LL Cool J’s music video “How I’m Comin’”.

As vintage North Face goes, it’s rare that a North Face Mountain Jacket isn’t in excellent condition even after decades of use. The Goretex material and durability built into the design of zippers, Velcro and more mean that the Mountain Jacket is a great vintage buy.

So now you know, these are the most popular and versatile vintage pieces from the North Face that everyone is after.


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