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The best vintage Umbro right now!

The biggest sportswear brand to come out of the UK, Umbro has been at it for over a century. Here’s which vintage Umbro items are hot right now (by standing the test of time).

Umbro has a long history of designing high quality sportswear that athletes at the very peak of performance will gladly wear. Their long history of doing so has made them one of the most recognisable brands in the UK.

Through the countless iconic football moments that Umbro have sponsored they have gained a reputation as the ‘Dior of the football world’. The heritage they have in football is legendary. And some of their most iconic sponsorships have kept the brand relevant and on the forefront of people’s minds when they’re shopping for sportswear.

Umbro really hit their stride in the 90s. Reaching global popularity, sponsorships with teams like Manchester United and England propelled the brand to new heights. It wasn’t long before everyone had a now famous pair of Umbro shorts that were so light and comfy they were like wearing a cloud.

90s umbro shorts

Capitalising on their rich heritage, collaborations with streetwear brands such as Palace which have focussed on recreating some of their most iconic pieces have become massively popular, once again demonstrating the emotional attachment people have with vintage Umbro.

palace x umbro drill top

Since 1902 they have been supplying football kits, and although they have recently had a resurgence in teams playing with the Umbro sponsorship, nothing beats the classic sponsorships and pieces that vintage Umbro has brought us over the years.


Vintage Umbro Football Shirts - England, Manchester United

The ‘Dior of the football world’ has earned its reputation by designing and manufacturing the kits for some of football’s most memorable moments. Their 1990 England third kit is one of their most notorious kit designs. It’s so unique and eye catching that it was later replicated in the Palace x Umbro collaboration.

gary lineker wearing england umbro third kit

A huge boost for Umbro’s global notoriety came with the sponsorship of Manchester United and the rising stars within the now famous Class of 92. Players like David Beckham and Ryan Giggs wearing the brand on the football and training pitch gave the brand clout.

cantona and beckham wearing umbro united

Many football fans look back at the vintage Umbro football shirts and see this as the golden age of football kits. Fans have formed real emotional attachments to these kits.

Vintage Umbro Sweatshirts - Drill Top, Training Top

For years Umbro exclusively created sporting uniforms, but the 90s saw Umbro being adopted as a fashionable brand. Stunning vintage Umbro sweatshirts such as the drill top had a huge influence in taking vintage Umbro mainstream.

Liam Gallagher wearing Umbro Drill Top

Retro Umbro training sweatshirts were first popularised when Manchester United players wore them at the training ground in the 90s. They have a loose oversized fit and are perfect for slipping between football training and the rave. And because they were designed to survive endless play time they hold up today, even after 30 years.

Vintage Umbro Sweatshirt

Vintage Umbro Tracksuits

In keeping with the style of the 90s, Umbro designed a whole host of vintage Umbro tracksuits. They often incorporated bold geometric designs that stood out from the competition. These two piece sets were very popular in the 90s dance scene. The loose and oversized fit means that these tracksuits are one of the most comfortable money can buy to this day.

Vintage Umbro Track Jacket


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  • Posted on by Natty P.

    My brother is obsessed with Umbro clothing. I had no idea you could actually buy these items online today. This absolutely made my day. His 30th is coming up and I want to surprise him with a few Umbro items. I will have to check and see what is in stock. I bet you he tells me it was his favourite gift for the year.

  • Posted on by kate

    Oh wow! I used to LOVE Umbro shorts. I am not typically “casual” but these are what we wore for gym class and what i wore as casual ware on the weekends at home. I was stoked when I found some similar ones for my son at Walmart but definitely is not as good as the name brand!

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